Base Metal Clay Classes

Levels: Introduction and Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Our base metal clay classes are designed to teach a wide range of skills whilst preparing students to diploma examination levels should they wish to follow this path. Otherwise just come along and learn how to make beautiful pieces for yourself, for presents or for selling.We will be using various brands of Base Metal Clays but predominantly we will be using Aussie Metal Clays.

Introduction and Beginners

This class is for absolute beginners.

  • You will learn:
  • The nature and properties base metal clays, how to condition the clay and how to keep it moist and ready to use.
  • Introduction to all tools and their uses.
  • The various stages to create a piece of jewellery:
  • Clay stage, use of texture mats, drying processes, refining techniques, firing and basic polishing.

In this class we will be making one or two easy pieces using these processes.
Due to the long fire schedule those classes run over two days.

Beginners – Level 1

The follow-up beginner classes will cover the same techniques but in more detail and we will be creating more complex pieces, use of a syringe for embellishments, setting stones, designing and creating a bail suitable for your piece.

Intermediate Classes – Level 2

At this level we will have various classes where we learn and practise more elaborate techniques.

Classes will feature one or more new skills relating to your chosen pieces.

  • Construction of specific shapes and decoration of rings
  • Stone setting using fine silver strips and other materials
  • How to prepare and polish your pieces to a “high polished mirror finish”
  • Carving designs in dry clay using various tools and techniques
  • Creating seamless beads in various shapes
  • Setting more complex findings on pre-dried and dried clay
  • Riveting two pieces of different metal clays
  • Use of the Aussie Origami Flex clay
  • Use of syringe to create design

These are some of the skills you will be learning.

Advanced level

Design and construction of items which require a more advanced application of previously acquired skills.

From January I will be introducing these classes. Due to the long firing schedule these classes will be over two or three days.

All classes are tailor-made for each student’s ability and requirements. Classes, in many cases, can be designed around a particular piece or a student’s own design. Please discuss your requirements before booking your course.

Prices will vary according to the level of difficulty and the amount of metal clay used. You can use the studio tools or if you prefer you can bring your own. The cost will be confirmed for each specific class.

Want to learn how to make beautiful Jewellery?