Polymer Clay Classes

Introduction and Beginners Class


  • Materials and tools.
  • Colour and colour mixes.
  • Shapes and design.
  • Uses in jewellery and decorative items.

In this class I will show you how to condition the clay ready for use.

  • Choice of colours.
  • Use of texture mats.

Choose from various examples of our beginner pieces, you can choose what you would like to make and the class will be structured around the techniques appropriated to this pieces. We will prepare the clay, make your chosen items, finish and bake them. When baked we will refine, polish or varnish your first pieces.

Follow Up Classes

We will be introducing new techniques and skills.

Skinner Blender

This is a technique created by Judith Skinner a mathematician/artist. This consists of the combination of two or more colours producing a graduation from light to dark and creating new shades and colours.


These are a combination of colours and shapes which create a random or a precise design. This design is constant from one end of the cane to the other. Canes can be square, round or any other shape which can be sliced and each slice has the same design.
We will start from simple designs which when combined can create beautiful and complex canes.

Construction of more elaborated pieces of jewellery using various shapes.

Use of liquid clay to glue various shapes or attach several components.

Use of other materials compatible with polymer clay such as: powders, glitters, waxes and many others. Simple hand or machine polishing techniques will be introduced.

There will be a designated class to develop finishing and polish your designs at a higher level.

One to One Classes

ACAT-jewelleryAll classes are tailor made for each student’s ability and requirements, or around a particular piece or a student’s own design. Please discuss your requirements before booking your course.

Please email: anatownsend@yahoo.co.uk or telephone: 07784 893209

Prices will vary according to the level of difficulty and the amount of materials used. You can use the studio tools or if you prefer you can bring your own.

The cost will be confirmed for each specific class.

Want to learn how to make Polymer Clay Jewellery?